I went with a couple of horses to a competition in Haaksbergen last weekend. The combination of good weather and perfect footing conditions made Haaksbergen an ideal competition for the young horses to gain some experience. Therefore, we selected Leola and Desteny for the Friday evening event and I’m confident that they’ve learned a lot.

The Sunday was planned for the Z, ZZ and 1.40 jumping competitions. Coursy and Clinitino were selected to show-off their skills in the Z. It was their second opportunity to jump the 1.30mtr. The course was neat and followed a so-called ‘two-phase course new style’, meaning that combinations with a mistake in the first phase were still allowed to start the second phase. With Coursy I made one mistake on the second-to-last vertical hurdle; I think I wanted to turn too sharply. This was an unfortunate mistake as the timing was good. I made a mistake in the first phase with Clintino, after which I decided to finish the course calmly. Both horses were easy to ride and felt good.

The ZZ followed directly after the Z and started with a competition against the clock. Unfortunately, I made a similar mistake while riding Callisto as I had with Coursy earlier that day: I wanted to turn too sharply on a vertical hurdle and as a consequence the hindquarters lowered too quickly. So that’s evidently something we need to practice at home. Chaqui stayed far away from the fences and we ended on the 7th place in a group of more than 50 competitors. The 1.40mtr was the major event of the day and started after the ZZ. The jumping fences were at a challenging height and the course was rather technical with, for example, a triple combination right after a more than 90degree turn. No surprise that the most mistakes were made at this point. I started the 1.40 with Faithfull and had a nice and easy clear round and I’ll provide a footage just to show you. Carthageno was the next one to show-off. He jumped awesome, until he lost a shoe from the ditch to the double just before he jumped the double. That made him a bit too cautious with a mistake on the triple jump as a result. Finally, there was the jump-off for Faithfull which was video-taped also. Faithful, again, performed excellent which resulted in a 4th place. In conclusion, we had another great and successful weekend.


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